2006 - present:

Hidden Brookline Committee's work focused on two strands: public education and commemoration of the past.
As almost no one in Town knew about this past, Committee members wrote op-eds, spoke to local and regional media and gave numerous talks to town residents, teachers and students.
The Committee also mounted exhibits in Town Hall and two branches of the Library.
With a greater understanding of this past, the Committee turned to commemorative work.

In 2009 the Committee held a Sunday afternoon program, to remember and honor those who had been enslaved and buried unmarked in the Old Burying Ground. An engraved stone was placed in the cemetery outer wall and unveiled that day, naming the men, women and child buried within.

Three years later in 2012, the Committee prepared a warrant article for consideration at Town Meeting.
The article acknowledged with profound regret slavery in Brookline and the complicity of Town Government in that slavery. The article was discussed at length then passed easily.

At present (2013):

      • conducting curriculum development with Brookline's grade 3 teachers, to match the state standards on colonial Massachusetts
      • Exhibit on the ground floor of Town Hall
        • research on slavery and freedom in Brookline

Spring 2014: Walking Tour

Hidden Brookline is planning a Walking Tour of sites related to Slavery in Freedom in Brookline in the Spring of 2014. Please check back for a date to help you plan to join us.

Walking tours can be arranged for free for any group of 4 or more, and for any age from elementary up.
Contact Barbara Brown, chair of the Hidden Brookline Committee, or the Brookline Human Relations Commission at 617-730-2330.

We have given talks, exhibits, done research and gathered historical information, have done workshops for teachers' professional development and given dramatic presentations.
If you are interested in any of these topics, please contact us.